Photography for Commissions Guide

Page Still Under Construction.

If you want to take some photographs for a commission, but need a few tips, the following guide should help! I've also added a couple of drawings to show you what not so ideal photographs may look like on paper.
If you have photos you're not sure about (perhaps if you're gifting, or the equine passed on) don't hesitate to send them to me. I can work with almost any photograph & I don't charge extra!

1. Ear positioning.. the best ear position for a portrait is forwards! Use treats or something that makes a sound if you need to get those ears pricked! I can always reposition ears if really needed.

Also in this sketch, I removed some bite marks on his cheek and neck - I can remove any blemish should you wish.

Ears Image

2. Not keen on a traditional pose? If your horse is known for pulling funny faces, and you'd like that captured on paper... then you can always consider this for your portrait! Alternatively, if you want a traditional pose (looking to the side is most common) then make sure your horse isn't pulling a silly face! Cheeky or Traditional Pose
3. Image size. Though I can work from small images if new photographs aren't able to be taken or if the best images are small, excessively small images will lose detail. The more detail lost, the less you can put in the commission (especially for head portraits). If possible, larger the better! Photo Quality